Although the complexity and labor-instensivenes of the solera aging process has long frightened bourbon bottlers, soleras have been used for hundreds of years to age spirits like sherry and brandy.

A solera is a collection of barrels ordered by the age of the spirit inside from oldest to youngest. No barrels ever are emptied in a solera, when stock is removed from the oldest barrel, it is backfilled from the second oldest barrel, which will then be backfilled from the third oldest barrel and so forth. New stock is always added to the youngest barrel.

This system works in two ways: first, it allows spirits of different ages to mature together and younger stock takes on a lot of flavors from the older stock. Second, because the barrels are never completely emptied, nothing is ever truly lost and the average age of the solera is always increasing.

The solera is a living, breathing thing that is always evolving, and when you drink one of our numbered batches of Mashbuild, you’re tasting a moment in time that will be over once that batch is sold out of stores.

But what about consistency?

If we age our product in a solera — and it’s always evolving as it ages — how will we produce a consistent product? 

Some bottles of Mashbuild WILL definitely be consistent from batch to batch, like our Wheated and Kona-finished. 

Drinkers used to big brand bourbons are usually surprised to learn, however, that our numbered Mashbuild batches taken from the solera are inconsistent by design. Like a specific vintage of wine, a store-picked barrel selection of a popular whiskey brand, or a seasonal microbrew, these batches are MEANT to be extremely limited. 

We hand-build each batch of Mashbuild specifically to highlight different aspects of the wide range of flavors that bourbon can produce and the amazing tastes that can only be found in our solera at the specific moment that we extract it.

If what you enjoy in your bourbon is being able to buy the same bottle over and over again and have the exact same experience, Mashbuild’s solera batches may not be for you. That’s OK, we want you to drink what you like. On the other hand, if you have an experimental palate, if you love the anticipation of opening a bottle and wondering excitedly what’s inside, if you like sharing new whiskey experiences with others or doing vertical tastings with your friends, Mashbuild may be exactly what you’re looking for.  

Designed by estound in Colorado

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