There are three ways to get bourbon for bottling: 

  1. Distill it yourself
  2. Source it from a company that makes it for you
  3. Buy existing stock from a third party. 

Because blending is so core to our mission, we knew we needed product from a variety of stills, geographies, and mash bills. 

So if the questions is, “Does Mashbuild, distill whiskey, source whiskey, or buy whiskey?” the answer is, “Yes. All three.” 

The bourbons you find in a bottle of Mashbuild came from Kentucky, Indiana,Tennessee, and Colorado, we are spinning up additional distilling operations and partnerships in Illinois and Missouri, and we’re already looking at additional facilities in Nevada. The oldest stock aging in our warehouses was barrelled between 2000-2007 and includes product made by Four Roses and the old Seagrams distillery among others.


Why are we sharing our secrets? We have nothing to hide. It’s the blend that makes Mashbuild what it is, not the story of how each individual barrel was produced. And in a time when all brands are less and less forthright about what’s going into their bottles, we’re proud to tell you EXACTLY what you’ll find in ours. 

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