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Our approach to bourbon and whiskey ensures that Mashbuild is ALWAYS the most unique experience you’ve ever had neat or on the rocks.

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It’s what’s INSIDE that counts.

Our bottles and labels aren’t super sexy. But we are 100% okay with that because we know that every drop of bourbon that makes it inside a bottle of Mashbuild is 100% delicious, and unlike anything else you’ll ever buy at your neighborhood liquor store in the $40-$50 price range.

You might have noticed the emphasis on that 100%. It’s because each exclusive batch of Mashbuild is blended from different barrels aging in our Solera, with different flavor profiles, and different ages, from 2 to 18 years, and because we’re 100% transparent about everything we pour — it’s all itemized in detail on every label. 

Each batch of Mashbuild displays a slightly different expression of everything we think a great bourbon should be in a shockingly affordable — if not strikingly gorgeous — package. It’s fine though, we’re 100% beautiful on the inside. 

Designed by estound in Colorado

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