Not all vodka is created equal.

We have a few ideas at Anders’ Vodka about what makes an incredible spirit. Our process, like our taste, is far from typical.

Our first idea:

Corn has a great sweet character and blending from different types of corn and from different stills and sources creates a better flavor. We utilize both continuously distilled and batch pot still production to create flavors and softness not found in one type of distillation alone.

Our second idea:

Like a fine scotch or bourbon, our vodka is non-chill filtered, and may be the only vodka on the market today that can claim that. We filter only to remove particles, not to mask what happens in the distilling process. We love the flavors that come off the still and we want them to shine!

We set out to create a vodka that was smooth with a touch of sweetness and we achieved that by distilling Anders’ Vodka all the way up to 190 proof and then cutting it with Rocky Mountain water.

The finished product is an affordable vodka, soft and smooth enough to drink warm without that “hot” aftertaste — and that tastes amazing chilled or on ice.

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